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  • Just Like Any Other Day… Until It Wasn’t

    Ashlee White, GFC Staff and church member, shares a personal story of why Memorial Day has such special meaning for herself and her family.

    The morning of June 9, 2010 was completely normal. It was a Wednesday, my husband Mark’s normal day off at that time. I was supposed to work an 11am to 8pm shift at my restaurant management job.

  • The Pulse - May 25

    A holiday weekend like the one before us is often "pushed" as a great time to cook out and have a meal with friends and perhaps family. Eating with someone "says something." To be invited is an honor, and to go is to affirm the value of the relationship.

  • Thank You, Student Small Group Leaders!

    If you are interested in joining our amazing team of SGL’s, we would love to chat! You can contact our Student Ministry Coordinator, Carolee Morrison, at for more details and information about who we are and what we’re about.

  • The Pulse - May 17


    Hard to believe that it is almost June! The summer is just around the corner. Could I suggest a good summer project that will go a long way to making this a summer to remember?

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