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  • Pebbles and Stones: Penny's Encouragement Café Experience

    A 78-year-old widow. A homeschooling mom of three. A woman struggling with her mother's failing health in the nursing home. A teenage girl. We were a group that needed encouragement! When GFC offered the Encouragement Cafe event, I immediately made plans to attend, and I asked my in-laws to come with me.

  • Meet New Staff Liz Judd and Hannah Howell

    GFC has recently hired two new staff members, Liz Judd and Hannah Howell. Liz is serving as our new Communications Coordinator, and Hannah is serving as our Source Coordinator. We've asked them both to introduce themselves so we can get to know them a little better!

  • Newfound Freedom, Joy, Peace, and Life

    For over 30 years, I struggled poorly with my identity as a man as it pertains to sexuality, and I lived life trapped in the sin of homosexuality. I fought to “fix” myself and gain enough knowledge to do the right things to find the freedom I eagerly desired and knew God wanted for me. 

  • Going Public: March 5, 2017 Baptism

    During Sunday's services this week, we celebrated several baptisms! It's encouraging to see how God is at work in unique ways. In the videos below, you can watch the testimonies from each of the services and the baptisms of those who took a step of obedience to Go Public!

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