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Early Childhood (Birth - 4s)

"Every story casts His shadow." Grace Kids birth through 6th grade uses the Gospel Project curriculum, which unfolds God’s big story from Genesis to Revelation and points to God’s redemption plan in Christ throughout scripture.

Each week, children are drawn into the lesson though age-appropriate, hands-on activities centered on making each Bible story applicable to their own lives. Families are able to review the lesson with all of their children - together - because every classroom hears the same story. The different resources shared through the Pre-K take-home activity or Elementary story card provide Biblical references to enable families to dig a little deeper in the week.

We believe in building strong relationships between consistent leaders and peer groups even in our earliest ministry.  Reaching kids in ways that are in line with how they learn and develop is the key to why we do what we do.

In Grace Kids, the family partnership is foundational to early childhood ministry. What you do at home is far more important that what we do here at church.  Our whole ministry team works together so we can better partner with your family on your spiritual journey all year long.



The preschool ministry is available during the 9:15 am and 11:00 am services on Sunday mornings and the 6:30 pm service on Monday nights.

Check-in begins 15 minutes before each service time at the computer kiosks in the lobby.