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Designated Giving

Designated giving is over and above giving to pre-approved and publically announced GFC ministries and projects. Designated giving is open to all those who wish to give in this way. Designations must be noted by the donor, or the gift will be assumed to be for the Ministry or General Fund.

Ongoing designated gifts may be made to the Building Fund, Benevolence, or to Outreach (Mountain View or Short Term mission trips). Tribute gifts, in memory of or in honor of, may be designated to any of the approved ministries of the church. How these gifts are to be used specifically cannot be a part of the designation.

Periodic and other targeted designated giving opportunities will be made known through the weekend worship bulletin and web site, per the approval of the elders.

Designated gifts will be used for their intended purpose unless the need has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the church. Any remaining designated gifts will be used where needed as determined by the church.

In accordance with IRS regulations, the spending of all funds, including designated gifts, is under the purview and discretion of the church.