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Leadership Structure


Grace Fellowship Church is ruled by a group of spiritually mature men that the New Testament calls elders. They are responsible for the ultimate oversight and direction of the church. They are to lead by example, to pray, to ensure the spiritual health of the church, and to create an environment in which our vision can be fulfilled. The Elder Board is the governing body of the church, made up of laymen and our Lead Pastor. 

In January 2013, Frank Benton, Keith Bryant, and Mike Hubbs rotated off the elder board. These three men have contributed immensely over many years to the health and well being of the flock of GFC. They will continue to serve the church with great character and heart. Jud McGowan has rotated back on the board of elders, in early 2015, GFC confirmed Glenn Rannick as an elder, and in November 2017 our newest elder Grant Taylor was confirmed.

The qualifications for elders are found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. The congregation nominates and confirms all new elders.

Dan Berry

Earle Chute

Rob Hughes

Chris Killian

 Jim McMackin

 Neil Owen

 Tom Oyler

 Glenn Rannick

Not Pictured: Jud McGowan & Grant Taylor

Staff Leadership

Tom Oyler is our Lead Pastor who has ultimate responsibility for the overall direction, spiritual health, and leadership of the staff. He leads the Staff Leadership Team, serves as an elder, and is our primary teaching pastor. Tom has been with GFC since 1980.


Donna Simmons is an Executive Assistant. Donna provides administrative support to the Executive Leadership Team as well as to our Teaching Pastor and Staff Manager. She also supports various areas within Adult Ministries. She arrived at GFC in 1997.


Matt Murphy is a Teaching Pastor. He serves on the Teaching Team and functions as the Staff Manager. He has responsibilities in the broad leadership and direction of the staff and oversees our Family Life Team. He arrived at GFC in 2014.


Stephen Mann joined the staff in January 2011 as the Worship Arts Pastor. He has a heart to develop a cohesive atmosphere of congregational worship. Stephen leads the worship times during the services and also oversees creative arts that engage the mission of GFC.


Titus O'Bryant serves as a Teaching Pastor. Leading the ministry team to be catalysts for the ultimate journey of being changed and used by Christ, he also provides leadership for the adult ministry areas of Outreach, Care & Recovery, Hospitality & Assimilation, and Grace Women and Men, as well as creating connections through Small Groups. He joined the Grace team in 2015.