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What Does an ALL IN Response Mean to Me?

ALL IN is about many things, not the least of which is a fresh response to God and letting each other know that we are ALL IN regarding our church. January 14th is Response Sunday.    

Here are a few practical clarifications as you ponder your response.  

What will be done with my “response”? 

  • The total number of responses returned will be counted. 
  • The amounts will be totaled to help in financial planning. 
  • The numbers and the names are not connected in any way and are not recorded as such. Only the financial secretary will see your response.  

Should I respond if I am not able to increase my giving? 

  • Absolutely. Responding reveals that you have given thought and prayer for your own spiritual journey with God and your relationship to GFC. 
  • Responding is an encouragement to everyone that we are ALL IN this together, regardless of our ability to give.   

Will my giving be “tracked” in relationship to my response? 

  • No. There is no separate ‘tracking’ of ALL IN giving. Your giving record to GFC, as always, will be sent to you in confidential quarterly and annual reports. -GFC will not connect your response to ALL IN with your actual giving. You will never be ‘reminded’ of any amounts   indicated on your response card.