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Merge Premarital Class

So you're getting married! (Or are at least in a serious relationship headed in that direction.)

Congratulations on entering this fun and exciting season of life. As your church supporting and encouraging you, we are not here simply to prepare you for your wedding day but more importantly, for your marriage.

To help you build your marriage on Christ, we offer a 7-8 week class called Merge. Merge is designed to give engaged and seriously dating couples a unique opportunity to learn, seek wisdom, and receive counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, challenging, and authentic environment. Merge exists to prepare couples for marriage by addressing common challenges in marriage from a biblical perspective. The class includes large group teaching time combined with small group table discussion. Couples will be placed at a table with one mentor couple and 2-3 other participating couples throughout the class.

Participation in Merge is required for any couple seeking to get married at GFC or have a GFC pastor officiate their wedding. Please inform the church of your planned wedding date as early as possible to allow adequate time to complete the class.

Merge is offered during the spring semester.

Upcoming Merge Classes 

Day & Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Cost: $20 (workbooks - $10 per person)