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Family Life Milestone Strategy

The GFC Family Life Milestone Strategy is primarily about walking with families through the various phases and stages of a child’s life. It consists of three distinct elements - milestone celebrations, ministry transitions, and parent equipping events. These components weave together to form a comprehensive strategy for engaging with parents from the birth of their child through his or her high school graduation.

Milestone Celebrations

Milestone Celebrations are family-driven and meaningful. While we place a special emphasis on a parent's responsibility in these events, we also strive to make each milestone celebration significant and meaningful for the family and child.

Milestone Transitions

When your child transitions to a new ministry area to Grace, it's not just a one-day event. We want to keep the entire family engaged in the transition process by staying connected to the parents before, during, and after. This process also allows each ministry area leader to connect with the child and begin forming a relationship. Transitions within Family Life include Grace Kids (Pre-K to Kindergarten), Vertical (4th to 5th grade), Middle School (6th to 7th grade), High School (8th to 9th grade), and College (12th grade to college).

Milestone Equipping Events

Milestone Equipping Events are where your needs as parents meet our desire to serve you. We hope that you leave these events empowered and equipped with practical ideas to make faith real at home.


First Steps - Parent Dedication Orientation (birth to 4 years): This event is focused on equipping parents to be the primary faith influencers in their child's life from the very beginning. We focus on helping you understand your role as parents in spiritually leading your family. As we talk through this critical topic, we will also give you a vision for GFC's partnership with families, as well as additional resources to help you lead your child towards faith.

Our next orientation event will be held on January 21, 2018



Faith Conversations (5 to 10 years): This event is designed to stimulate conversations with your kids about Christ. We teach our kids to ride a bike and go over spelling words, but how do we talk with them about the Gospel and recognize when they are ready to respond to it? We will get intentional and practical as we discuss ways to initiate these conversations in your home.

In lieu of Faith Conversations, we are excited to host Expectations vs Reality - Making Sense of Parenting on February 11, 2018 



Preparing for Adolescence (11 to 13 years): This event is built to help parents face specific challenges as their child transitions to the middle school years. We will take a look at today's culture and equip you to help develop a faith that sticks in your child's life.

In lieu of Preparing for Adolescence, we are excited to host Expectations vs Reality - Making Sense of Parenting on February 11, 2018 

Directions to Adulthood (15-17 years): This event is focused on helping parents to walk with their student through the exciting and scary transition to the college years beyond. Specifically, we hope to practically equip parents to have conversations with their students about how to understand and defend their faith in this critical time.

In lieu of Directions to Adulthood, we are excited to host Expectations vs Reality - Making Sense of Parenting on February 11, 2018