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building a community to reach a community

The evidence of God's heart of compassion towards humanity is all around us. He even sent His only Son to enter our world, die on the Cross and provide the bridge to eternity.

The Lord God now sends out the local church, as followers of Jesus Christ, to demonstrate His grace in our lost and hurting world. He calls us to be externally focused on the real needs of people around us rather than insulated in our own protective bubble. GFC Outreach endeavors are designed to lift up our eyes and get us out of the building so that we might be part of the solution, so that all peoples of the world might encounter God’s love.

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  • The Core of our Mission: Making Disciples

    We (Cru and Bridges International) as well as other organizations wishing to reach international students for Christ, consider the massive presence of these students here and all their challenges as great opportunities to make disciples among the peoples of the world.

  • More Than Just Cookies

    Kairos Prison Ministry, a local outreach partner, reaches out to residents at the Northeast Correctional Complex. Twice a year, we hold a Kairos Inside weekend; four days of teaching, encouragement, worship, and more, in which hundreds of residents participate. This is the setting for the distribution of our homemade “Cookies for Kairos”...

  • They Call Me "Coach"

    Rev. Billy Graham said, “a coach will impact more people in one year than an average person will in an entire lifetime.” We see that daily in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Coaches are influencers, and we get to influence the influencers! Through various ministry touch-points, coaches and athletes are reached and impacted by Christ through FCA staff and volunteers.

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