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building a community to reach a community

Grace Women joins hearts and hands with others at GFC in building a community to reach a community for Christ – uniquely as women for women! Our desire is for women to experience connection, personal life change, and inspiration in cultivating relationships with their influence. You matter… to God and to us! No matter what your background or life experience – there is a special place for you in God’s family during this season of your life. Pray and explore what we offer, and discover what God has in store just for you!

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  • Retreat and Reset

    Retreat… Reset….The invitation sounded inviting, but how in the world could I make time for solitude and time away?  Assisting an aging parent in a nursing home, babysitting grandchildren occasionally, painting and teaching workshops as much as my time allowed and keeping my house at least picked up so it was maneuverable kept my life as busy or more so than it has ever been.  How would my husband do without my presence? The list of responsibilities just grew an...

  • Women's Retreat Reflection: Coming Away to a Quiet Place

    When I first heard about the Reset Women’s Retreat, I was immediately eager to sign up. A time to get away to scenic Doe River Gorge with other women and enjoy times of silence, worship, and fellowship sounded exactly like what my soul needed! As a busy mother of two preschool age daughters, silence is typically hard to come by… or even just time alone.

  • Unshackled: Losing My Guilt and Shame

    Isaiah 35:5 says, “then the eyes of the blind shall be opened.” Well, that’s exactly what Unshackled did for me. It opened my eyes to what I really did. And as hard as that was to see and finally admit out loud, it was freeing! This Bible study showed me that I could be “healed” from the brokenness and loss of abortion...

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